spunk n. spirit, backbone, courage, boldness, fortitude, determination

SPUNKbyCM is about having courage, backbone and determination. It's about loving and living life to the fullest with those you love, and not regretting the brick walls and curve balls that life throws in your direction. Those who wear SPUNKbyCM have edge. They believe that style is subjective. They do not confine or conform themselves to the rigid structure of predictability. They exude individuality, spontaneity and versatility.

By fusing inspirations from city life and natural elements, we channel our energies into creating jewelry that uses natural materials and substances such as metals, genuine leathers, freshwater pearls, and gemstones. The use of hard (i.e. metal) and soft materials (i.e. natural fibers) shows the marriage of oppositions, which forms a unified piece that incorporates the beauty of both worlds.

Our shop carries jewelry for men and women. We use leather, metals, cotton, hemp, gemstones, and pearls to create versatile jewelry. We believe in maximizing utility by wearing jewelry alone or layered with other pieces. With SPUNKbyCM, your style can instantly go from modern minimalist to boho chic to grunge rockstar, so why pick one style when you can have it all? Indulge in accessories that will become regular go-to pieces and longtime favorites.

We love to create jewelry that feels like second-skin, and is effortlessly stylish at the same time. Our shop offers several pieces that are customizable because we feel that everyone is unique in their own right, so why not make things personal? Everyone has a story, and we'd like a little bit of SPUNKbyCM to be a part of it.

Simple, sweet, and sentimental.